Good Times

I awoke every morning to the room my mom beautifully decorated. My butter-yellow sheets were covered in a print of soft-cream rosettes, their leaves spread as if to embrace me. My twin-sized bed felt huge and luxurious with my wispy tulle canopy cascading down the sides of my pillow. I remember vividly looking up into … More Good Times

A Comedy of Errors

Monday July 31st 1:05pm- 414.9 hours before the show My phone buzzes with an unusual message from my brother, “Hey, would you be interested in doing hot off the press on the 17th?” Initially, I’m thrilled. I’m just starting out in comedy, and to be invited to perform at a show was a huge opportunity. … More A Comedy of Errors


My brain needs to retain a lot of crap. Now that school is starting back up, my mind is reeling from information overload and a atrophied muscle for memory. My initial remedy for organizing my life- lists. Lists upon lists. Check lists, to-do list, written lists, lists in my phone, scribbled on the back of … More Pause

Cheers to a Year

*In which Sidney and Hannah discuss Almost4AM’s 1st Anniversary* Hurray! We made it!! Can you believe it’s been a whole year, Wags? Sidney. Why all the exclamation points? I mean, it’s exciting, but you’re being extra today. The only time I even use exclamation points is when I’m pretending to be excited about something. Honey, … More Cheers to a Year