Taking the W– and I don’t mean the win

At some point during my Comparative Politics class Freshman year, I decided to switch my focus from Domestic Studies (i.e. Congress and the White House) to International Relations (i.e. the United Nations or U.S. Ambassadorship). This wasn’t a big deal as I had only taken classes that could work for either program. The big difference was … More Taking the W– and I don’t mean the win

Girl Talking

Photo Titled “Girl Talking” by Orkid Sassouni ASL. It’s almost like reading someone’s mind. Sure you use gestures and signs with your hands, but if I have learned anything from my time studying ASL it’s that eyebrows are so. freaking. important. A tilt of the head or holding a sign for an extra beat can … More Girl Talking

To Be a Writer

I was part of a Secret Santa exchange amongst my college friends earlier this December, and I walked away with a well-bound grey journal. It’s the perfect gift. The type of gift that only comes from a close friend with a proclivity for gift giving. On the cover, it had inscribed my name and the words “If you want to … More To Be a Writer

Worst Case Scenario

So finals are here. I’m stressed. You’re stressed. It’s a whole thing that people celebrate against their will and it’s absolutely no fun so if you can avoid it please do. But if you’re not a lucky one and you’re feeling the weight of a thousand scantrons (which might not actually be that heavy so … More Worst Case Scenario