Cheers to a Year

*In which Sidney and Hannah discuss Almost4AM’s 1st Anniversary* Hurray! We made it!! Can you believe it’s been a whole year, Wags? Sidney. Why all the exclamation points? I mean, it’s exciting, but you’re being extra today. The only time I even use exclamation points is when I’m pretending to be excited about something. Honey, … More Cheers to a Year

All I’ve Got

I really really wanted to write a wonderful and deeply thoughtful piece for this week but finals have run me over, switched into reverse, and run me over again, so here are a couple of poems I wrote when I first began writing seriously that I have been storing for a rainy day. Or perhaps it … More All I’ve Got

One Last Time

The last week (or so) of classes is upon us bringing with it all of the stress and bustle of finals. I’ve been up to my eyeballs in work. It’s gotten to the point where I have to start my laundry at 12:30 in the morning just to find time. And you say to me, “Hannah, … More One Last Time