Notes from a Baby Barista

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Hey Almost4am! Long time no post!

I suppose that’s my fault, life has been quite busy and summer, as we know, has a way of making you forget about your responsibilities.

We have a lot of catching up to do. Since I last posted, I have left my poorly-run minimum wage job at you-know-where and started a new, but much-better-run minimum wage job at my long time favorite coffee shop in our small town of Cleves. The switch has been fabulous in more ways than I could name in a reasonably long blog post, so instead of counting the ways, I am just going to point out some notes that I have assembled in my first month as a barista.

  1. Coffee, Coffee Everywhere. This may come as no surprise, but I now have the smell of coffee and espresso ingrained in my skin, my hands, and my hair from working a long morning shift, and I love it. I walk in to work to the smell of coffee and I spend the rest of the day being complimented on my caffeine-inspired perfume. Considering my last job where I always had to shower immediately after a shift to banish the smell of lunch meat and other sandwich fixings, this is definitely a change for the better.
  2. Like AM? Yes, when I say I work at 6, I mean AM. That’s when people get their half-cafe, sugar free, skim, extra hot vanilla lattes before a busy day at work, and that’s fine with me. Besides, I have an abundance of espresso I can use as an aid to my morning. If you are working a shift before 10 and a coworker asks if you want coffee, it’s not a question, it’s an expectation. We’re all on the same page here.
  3. I’m Ruined. Forever. I am an official coffee snob now to the point wear I can barely tolerate the coffee I make at home. As my intolerance to sub-par coffee set in, I found myself browsing espresso machines on Amazon. Yep, not quite in my budget at the moment. Guess I’ll just stick to tea at home for now.
  4. I Don’t Shut Up. Not like I ever did before, but now if you ask me how work went, you are bound to soon regret ever asking. I can’t help but go on and on about espresso shots, tamping, my frustration with people who get decaf espresso (Who does that????), syrups, steamy milk, and foam. It comes with the territory. I think it’s safe to say I’m passionate about my new skills and I love telling people what goes into a good cappuccino. It’s not love, it’s excellent espresso, perfect shots, steamy milk, and lots of foam…okay and maybe a little bit of love.
  5. Can I get a pump of Inspiration in that? Yep, this little coffee shop is certainly giving me some crazy ideas for my future. If you’ve followed for a while you probably know that I change my mind every other day about what I want to do. But this feels… different. I look at my boss and think “I want to do what she’s doing someday.” Maybe owning a little coffee shop is my true destiny, or maybe I’ll just invest in an espresso machine at home one day. Who knows. But for now, I am loving being a baby barista, and soon a big girl barista. Blessings all around.

Stay tuned for more caffeine-fueled adventures.

Peace & Love,



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