Cheers to a Year


*In which Sidney and Hannah discuss Almost4AM’s 1st Anniversary*

Hurray! We made it!! Can you believe it’s been a whole year, Wags?

Sidney. Why all the exclamation points? I mean, it’s exciting, but you’re being extra today. The only time I even use exclamation points is when I’m pretending to be excited about something.

Honey, I was born extra. It comes with the package.

If you say so…

Why you always gotta be so sarcastic about everything, man?

Your package might come with “extra”, but mine comes with sarcasm. It’s great. Really great.

Yeah right, ha ha.


But a whole year? That’s worth exclaiming about!!

Whoo! (does that exclamation point work, or should I go for a subtle smiley instead?)

Just don’t overthink it. Embrace the excitement. Be the exclamation point. Taste the exclamation point. Smell-

Anyway… What do you want to do for this piece? A cute listicle?

Nah, too BuzzFeed…

A parody advice piece?

Um I don’t really think that fits the tone of the occasion. What about an emotional, heartfelt piece on the wonders of friendship, sprinkled with some poignant anecdotes?

Nah, too BuzzFeed…

Man they’ve done it all, haven’t they? Well it looks like this convo is interesting enough, should we tell them what BIG EXCITING changes that are coming to the blog??

You mean the sweet new profile pic?


That’s about it… Right?

WELL…well… yeah, that’s it. But still exciting, right!?!?!

Do you know if there’s a way to add GIFs to the site? Because I want everyone to see just how much i judged you for that “!?!?!”.

*grins guiltily* Nope, but we can add pictures to our posts, which we are going to do more often to give our pieces a little more ~pizazz~.

Ohh. So that’s why we finally got an Instagram? Welp, get ready for more promises we won’t keep. Like the schedule. About that…

Shhhhhhh *puts finger way to close to Wags’ face* They’ll never notice…if we don’t… point it out…

You weren’t lying about extra coming included in the Sidney starter pack.

Yeah, it never goes away either.

Well, I guess I’m glad I’m stuck with you, extra and all.

And you and your anti-exclamation point façade… You know you love them!!!


Welp, I guess that’s all folks! Don’t forget to follow all of our social media things with the handle @almost4amblog and stay tuned for more pieces and pics.

Until we inevitably forget about our Instagram and it reverts back into the nothingness from whence it came.

Well on that happy note, cheers to a year of late nights and a lasting friendship.

*clinks non existent drinks together*

And may the coming year be filled with just as much joy and ridiculousness as the last.


Wags & Sid

Or Sid & Wags


A year and we still haven’t figured that out!?!?!

*internal screaming*


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