Dear High Schoolers

A few words for the Weary,

It may sound cliche, but many of the truest things in life often do. High school… is overrated. Now there were things in high school that I am so grateful I experienced, but most of those things were either after school clubs or individuals who became my life-long friends. Other than that, all the time I spent worrying and stressing over really doesn’t even effect me now. It’s crazy to think that it has become easy to have those major years behind me. It was hard in the beginning, but then it becomes natural. A part of growing up.

If you think about high school, it is 4 years of your life. Four pretty major years but, none the less, thats most likely less than 5 percent of your entire life. When I was all caught up in the thick of high school, I would often ask my mom about her experiences. When her answer was often “Hmm… I don’t really remember” I felt shocked and also kind of sad for her. She didn’t remember high school? These four years were about 30 percent of my life so far, and really all I ever knew.

It’s where you learn a lot about yourself and start a lot of growing. It’s where you end the chapter of being a child, and start being an adult.  But really, it’s more of a transition than a chapter.

I would like to now mention that I haven’t even been a graduate for a year and I already feel this strongly. Many of my friends are still in high school. To them I say this-  It’s going to feel big, it’s going to feel like your whole world. But in reality, its just a small part of who you are. One that you can leave behind and forget, if you play your cards right.

I see so much drama, hear of so much heart ache, and feel sadness for some people who can’t see past these four years. Four years can become four walls with no windows, real fast. High school is more often than not, a terrible place for people who have the greatest gifts, insights, uniqueness, love, and talent. And that is a shame. All I can tell you is that you shouldn’t accept that and you deserve better. Change something. Go against the norms. For once, don’t keep your head down in the halls. Look up, smile, say something kind, be confident.  Say what’s true. Feel what you feel. Be honest. Be good. Be blunt. Be courageous. Be unapologetically yourself.

But also know, this is just 5 percent. 5 percent of your journey and just 5 percent of all you the time you have to chase whatever your chasing in life.

With Love,



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