Pitch Perfect 2: An Update

Back in October I shared with you about how my life had basically turned into a off-brand version of Pitch Perfect (A Cappella Boot Camp), as I was having a cappella boot camp in preparation to audition for the ICCA competition. Well, ICCA Quarterfinals have come and gone, and let me tell you, it was amazing.

The question that most often arises when you talk to people about any major competition is “How did you do?” or “Did you win?”. Hmmm, let’s see, does Sound of Science get to move on to the next round: no, but did Sound of Science win: yes.

Going into the competition we were all very nervous. This was our first time competing. We didn’t know what to expect from the other groups. We didn’t know how the event was set up. Heck, we hadn’t ever used stage mics. Needless to say our mic check did not go the way we wanted it to.

We got back to our room a little downtrodden and a little freaked out. Personally, I felt a bit like an imposter. Like they had accidentally let us in and it was too late for them to take it back. I looked around at all of the other groups and felt like we didn’t belong. Our costumes didn’t match, our dance moves were much dorkier, and we were singing mostly Disney songs.

And then a miracle happened. We got dinner. I got out of the Spanish II room at Centerville High School and  took a breather. I spent more time talking and laughing with my friends and less time worrying about the precise angle of our shooting star formation. By the time I got back to our room in the so called “West Unit” my stress had disappeared. So what if we didn’t hit every cue on the second? So what if our arches looked a bit like lines? So what if we didn’t look like the other groups? Making it here was the accomplishment and now it was time to give our best and forget about the rest.

We went out on that stage and did just that, and I’ve never been more proud to be part of a losing team.

Sound of Science: first place in our hearts.


Sound of Science: Suspend-ers your disbelief…

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