Don’t you just love those memories you have that you can’t help but grin at every time there is even a slight reference to them? Yeah, me too.

You may be looking at the title of this post and wondering to yourself what kind of strange weapon or literary device I will be discussing today, but what you don’t know is that “Swagspeare” is a pretty awesome little class Wags and I took in high school, and it was both ridiculous and wonderful in more ways than anyone would anticipate.

Before I explain the hilarity of this class, I should probably mention that the class wasn’t actually called “Swagspeare.” It was called “Necessary Shakespeare” and was renamed by it’s members to suit its actual meaning to us all. You see, this Shakespearian-centered course was actually just a really random group of students all tossed together and bonded by works of the most well-known playwright of his time. Except “the rub” was that after a couple of weeks, we were all pretty done with Shakespeare. Some of us were the moment we stepped into the classroom.

Thankfully, we had a wonderful teacher to get us through it. And what started off as a test-run on an elective, became a silly but well-loved little club. We all got a chance to break out of our cliques and actually hang out together, cheerleaders and nerds alike. Now I won’t exaggerate and say that we were “#squadgoals” for the rest of the year, but it is true that this class holds a special place in  all of our hearts now.

This random blast to the past was caused my my recent notice in the tiny moments and memories that we often miss in life. The great thing about good memories is that they keep bringing you joy even after they are far in the past.

So, here’s to a new year and all its potential for memory-making. And here’s to all the ones we made in 2016 that will be laughed at, cringed at, and bring us a flush in our cheeks. You won’t be forgotten.

Love, Sid.



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