On 2016

2016 is widely regarded as the year of the dumpster-fire. From the death of many beloved stars, to the Orlando shooting, to the extremely polarized climate surrounding the election, 2016 looked like a year that just wouldn’t die. And I’ve been sucked up into this rhetoric. However, looking back at 2016 prompts some pretty fond memories.

In seventh grade our school’s administration took a first step in becoming more technologically savvy: unique student ID numbers. Now instead of having a 3 digit number identifying your alphabetical listing in the class you had a unique 5 digit number. Mine went from 137 to 16137. At first I was confused. Where did those first two numbers come from. As I talked to those around me I noticed that the same two numbers kept cropping up. Sidney went from 067 to 16067 and Becca went from 093 to 16093. Confused why all of the students in 7th grade had the same two first numbers, we asked our teachers. That was the first time I knew I would be graduating in 2016.

As time moved on that 5 digit number became my everything in school. Not only was it my ID number, but it was my lunch number and password for everything from online group projects to email. The 16 was with me all day, every day. And then one day it happened.

The new year dawned as it always did, but this time it dawned 2016. For as much crap as happened in the world in 2016, my life and the lives of those around me were changed for good as we took our final bows and walked across that stage.

Ordinary good news isn’t worth reporting. There is no breaking news story every day that the Empire State Building doesn’t collapse and all of the New York Subway trains run without collision. 2016 might have had lows, but I’m willing to bet that the unseen highs greatly outnumber the over saturated lows.

Happy 2017, and may your new year be one of ordinary good news.



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