Drawn To You

No matter where. No matter what. I can always find myself being drawn towards you. No one’s ever had to tell me where you were. No one ever had to point a finger. If anything, they told me I would forget. That I shouldn’t remember you any more. I was too young. It was too … More Drawn To You


Don’t you just love those memories you have that you can’t help but grin at every time there is even a slight reference to them? Yeah, me too. You may be looking at the title of this post and wondering to yourself what kind of strange weapon or literary device I will be discussing today, … More Swagspeare

On 2016

2016 is widely regarded as the year of the dumpster-fire. From the death of many beloved stars, to the Orlando shooting, to the extremely polarized climate surrounding the election, 2016 looked like a year that just wouldn’t die. And I’ve been sucked up into this rhetoric.¬†However, looking back at 2016 prompts some pretty fond memories. … More On 2016