Guess Who’s Back???

Us. Not like you’ve really been waiting. For those who are new around here. I’m Wags.

And I’m Sid!! And we’re finally writing together again! Exciting, right?!   *our entire audience, Hi Lorna!, blows air out of their two collective nostrils, unenthusiastically. And then inhales because she’s a human.*

Sidney, I just woke up. I don’t have the brain capacity to be inventing entire fake audiences.

Exactly. That’s why I just summoned our actual audience. I like saying audience. Even though I am referring to one person. It makes me feel like we are cool. Audience. tehehe

Newsflash: we’re already infinitely uncool. I mean we have a blog. We’re either trendy hipsters at a new upstart or total losers. You picking up what I’m putting down?

Yeah I guess… but then there are those cool mommy bloggers. I want to be one of those! Why can’t we do that??

Ladies and gentleman, point and case. Anyway, we’re not here to determine the merits of teenage pregnancy. We’re here to say, “Hello. It’s been a while. How are you holding up?”

I don’t know. I think I would probably say, “Hi!!! What’s shakin’ bacon? Wanna go eat ice cream and talk about our problems?”

Of course you would. But we digress. Now that finals chaos is over and we’ve fully settled into the mind numbing comfort that is winter break, we’re back and b… well, we’re back.

Honestly, this blog has been an emotional rollercoaster for me… but I can’t wait to get back on.

So, Here’s to the new year and to the new posts that will come! Love, Wags & Sid

Or Sid & Wags

Still working on that.


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