* Virtual Hugs*

Here are some things that have helped me stay positive and always give me a laugh when I am down.

  1. Spongebob Squarepants.  Yes, it’s true. This little sea sponge never ceases to put a smile on my face and honestly is such a source of joy. Just watch an episode or two, I swear it always leaves me much happier and more calm.
  2. Hot Cocoa.  There is never a time where this drink is inappropriate, in my opinion. Warm, chocolatey, and just generally connected to some of my favorite memories. Like nights at my grandparents house, or the time Wags and I were drenched in a title wave of nasty water created by a bus… It was a hilarious event, and hot cocoa never tasted so good.
  3. Lin Manuel Miranda. Pretty sure Wags has cornered the market on obsession with Lin, but I too find him to be an adorable and incredibly talented human that has begun to be quite the source of happiness in my every day life.
  4. Gnomes.  There is a much longer and detailed background that will probably be delved into in a later post, but lets just say that every time I see a little garden gnome, I can’t help but be filled with glee.
  5. Cupcakes. It’s so easy to take for granted, but it fills me with so much joy to know that no matter what anyone is going through or what political beliefs someone has, when they are handed a cupcake, their face lights up with an indescribable joy.
  6. My Grandpa. Just thinking of his adorable face brings me so much joy. Again, I could write a book on all the things I love about him. But the thing I love most is his ability to be loving and compassionate to every human he meets. It seems like everyone in the world is his friend.

Now, here are some things we can all agree on (or at least Wags & I can… as for the rest of you… I can’t say I’ve figured you out yet).

  1. Grease Sucks. You know it, I know it. Let’s just stop denying it.
  2. Rootbeer is the Best. Basically our life water.
  3. Canes is Amazing. At any time of the night.
  4. Exhaustion is a State of Mind. A skill, really. An art.
  5. Pennies are so Worthless. Just ask John Green.
  6. Theatre is a Way of Life. If being a Cappies critic has taught me anything, it is that you can sit me in front of the worst show ever, and I would find a way to enjoy it.
  7. Potatoes are Bomb. In any form.
  8. Subway is Overrated. Like SO overrated.
  9. We are Brave. and captivating, and strong. Even when it doesn’t feel like it.
  10. Best Friendships are a Blessing. And I wouldn’t trade mine for the world.


Sending lots of love,


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