Cane’s Man

I witnessed a man throw up in a Cane’s Restaurant and I thought, “Wow, that seems like a horrible waste of time.” I clearly wasn’t wasting my time like that. Or was I?

I spent a good hour that morning waiting to get into Barnes and Noble so that I could spend a chunk of time later that day waiting in line to see a Youtuber. On top of that, I had already been at that Cane’s for five hours when the man puking signaled that it was time to head home. If you add the two hour nap I took, it looks like I waisted a little over nine hours of my day. So what made my day any different from that of this poor inebriated man?

The time I spent waiting in the cold rain to get in the Barnes and Noble wasn’t a waste because I was spending time with my friend and co-author, Sidney. We were talking and laughing and enjoying the increasingly rare moments when we are in the same physical space.

The time I spent waiting in line to meet Hannah Hart wasn’t a waste because her content makes me happy, and getting to meet her reminded me of why. She was lovely and considerate even in the few brief moments I had with her. She is a reminder to me that even in dark moments there is always a way to, as she would say, practice reckless optimism.

The two hour nap was maybe a waste, but if napping is wrong, I never want to be right.

The five hour stay at Cane’s might seem the hardest to justify, but it too has importance. Those five hours were spent getting to better know some of the friends that I’ve met since coming to OSU. Yeah, five hours seems excessive, but we have years worth of catching up to do. After all, these people have only known the short hair, dark glasses version of Hannah.

That day may have been a waste for Cane’s man, but it was a privilege for me.



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