The Food Feels

Warm vanilla sweet love

Soft and lovely,

Gooey and melty.


Like a warm shower after a cold night

or a shirt fresh from the dryer.

It wraps you up in comfort and happiness.


Dark chocolate sophistication.

Sweet and bitter,

Smooth and bold.


Like the smell of cologne

or the smooth streak of black eyeliner.

It gives you an addictive edge.


Bubbly rootbeer float

Fun and joyful

Originally charming.


Like swimming on a summer day

or laughing with a friend

It makes you smile for no reason at all.


A warm cup of hot cocoa

Velvety and rich

Warm and homey.


Like a hug from your Grandma

or a soft kiss from your love.

It makes you feel loved and wanted.


Hope your first fall days have been sweet:)

Love, Sid

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