Funny Girl

I’ve never thought of myself as the “funny girl.” I have noticed, however, that I am becoming increasingly aware that I am not the “pretty girl” and that that is totally fine with me. There have been times in my life where I have tried so hard to be pretty. There were times where I … More Funny Girl

Cane’s Man

I witnessed a man throw up in a Cane’s Restaurant and I thought, “Wow, that seems like a horrible waste of time.” I clearly wasn’t wasting my time like that. Or was I? I spent a good hour that morning waiting to get into Barnes and Noble so that I could spend a chunk of … More Cane’s Man

The Storm

Alice awoke to the feeling of her dog’s warm body pressing closely to the side of her face. She laid there for a moment, her head resting on the smooth coat of his upper back, just listening, feeling the slow rise and fall of his chest. She peered into the darkness. As the fog of … More The Storm

A Cappella Boot Camp

My life has turned into one of the rejected story lines from the hit movie Pitch Perfect. Well, with a few tweaks. I wandered around the involvement fair and stumbled upon the best a cappella group. Unlike Pitch Perfect, they didn’t have to track me down to get me to join. After I heard the … More A Cappella Boot Camp

The Food Feels

Warm vanilla sweet love Soft and lovely, Gooey and melty.   Like a warm shower after a cold night or a shirt fresh from the dryer. It wraps you up in comfort and happiness.   Dark chocolate sophistication. Sweet and bitter, Smooth and bold.   Like the smell of cologne or the smooth streak of … More The Food Feels