Life is Beautawful



It’s okay. Really.

One of our favorite Youtubers, Mike Falzone, recently came out with new merch with the glorious phrase “Life is Beautawful” printed on them. I have many thoughts. Many.

You know when you wake up and just know you’re going to have the longest day ever and you’re going to have three midterms and run on sentences are a problem and you might die, but it’s okay. That sentence maybe should have had a question mark but you feel like breaking the rules.

It’s okay. Everything’s fine.

Life is amazing. Higher education is fantastic and you are so blessed. But at the same time you miss your best friends and you make so many sandwiches it is an insult to feminism at its very core. You are doing so many things, but you really love doing all of those things. Even though these things can stretch you thin…And here you are again. For the millionth time you have way to much passion for yourself to handle. After a while your heart gets so big with love that it overflows a little and all of the sudden you’re crying. But it’s good crying. No one gets it, but it’s good. “It’s okay.” you say between sniffles “Everything’s fine.” It’s beautiful, but it’s a little awful too.

And you genuinely love your job and your coworkers and even your customers and maybe that’s dorky, but it’s true. But then there is one day where a customer almost throws the tip jar at you and they were awful. It was awful. You take a moment to think about how messed up and angry and broken some people are. We all are. But then you step back into reality. Next thing you know, five other customers proceed to console, generously tip, and say amazingly kind words to you. You grow closer with your coworker because you have a serious, intelligent conversation about life and the importance of kindness. And everything is balanced out. There was some awful, but then some blinding beautiful that really changed things.

Okay, this is definitely my life now. I just had an insane week and at the end of this week I realized, I have an insane life. There was some awful. There was darkness that could have swallowed me whole. There was some beautiful that pulled me from the shambles. There was hate that made me recoil, but there was a love that saved me time and time again. And the beautiful was gorgeous and unforgettable, but it didn’t singlehandedly make me happy.

It took the awful to make me see the beautiful and to recognize the importance of the sweet, the warm, the lovely, the kind, the comforting, and the nice. In this moment, all of this has me slowing down and appreciating what I have.

It’s cheesy. Practically cheddar. Life is pretty beautawful at the moment and it’s great.

Everything’s fine. I’m so thankful.

Hope your week/life is as insane as mine.



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