Little Things

As I sit in my favorite church, drinking my favorite coffee, and doing my favorite thing, I feel an overwhelming sense of belonging. Gazing through the antique windows of Old St George, I can’t help but notice the simply amazing thing we’ve created (Not taking credit for any of the hard work that this community has done, I was hardly a part of it, but I feel like I am a part of the we  here).

I sit here, at my little table. Studying, relaxing. Looking around me, and I can’t help but notice all that is happening. Many are like me, just being a college kid. But some are studying the Bible together, praying together, being a community, all on a random Tuesday afternoon. I gaze to my left and something has caught my eye.

A laptop cover completely covered in stickers. So many that I can hardly read them all. The ones I can read are especially exciting. It was so simple and common, but as I began to look more closely, I began to realize that this guy has done a lot of really cool things to earn these stickers. I found myself thinking I aspire to have that many stickers on my laptop someday.

Maybe I shouldn’t judge a man by his stickers. Maybe he just bought them all on ebay to make himself look cool. Regardless, he inspired me, which is something I hadn’t felt in a while.

So as I sat there sipping my coffee, silently thanking that random man innocently studying in a little old church in a little old town, I belonged. I went from feeling alone at that table, to looking up and feeling at home and even inspired.

Crazy what some good coffee can do.


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