Quiz Me

Good morning,

Yesterday I found myself bombarded with a multitude of personality tests, learning quizzes, and a whole slew of acronyms, which now escape me. These tests are essentially made to categorize my personality, analyze the way I learn, and provide me with tips on how I can study better, learn better, figure myself out. Perhaps there was supposed to be an Ah-ha! moment where I would discover what I was doing wrong all these years, and become a straight-A student. Horay! Success! I don’t have to struggle through my education any longer because I now know that I am an “A” in the VARK test, that I score a 4.5 on the Grit Scale, and my learning style is a lovely medley of Linguistic, Music, and Interpersonal tendencies. Now I can skip into each of my classes and present this information to my professors so they can know exactly what I need from them. Done. Check.


For me, it seems like every one of these tests I take leave me even more confused. I’m always tied between all the different types. For example, every quiz or questionnaire I take tells me that, roughly, I’m 5o percent extravert, 50 percent introvert. The common response is, “Well you’re well-rounded, then! How cool!” But in reality, I suppose it means that there is no fail-safe way of putting me in a box. So original, yay me.

But  really, I’ve been longing lately to just be in a category, to be 100 percent something. It’s so much easier that way. I’d at least be able to identify in more things. I could say I’m quiet, keep to myself, and often want to be alone. Or I could say I love to talk, always need people around me, and am very outgoing. But instead I am talkative (if I know you well), like to be alone (sometimes, but I also need friends around me), and I’m not outgoing, but I’m very social (depends on the day, I suppose). I’m coming to the realization that me life is all over the place, all the time.

But, hey! Sign me up for the next life-saving, self-identity-revealing, 20-questions! Might be fun… but it probably won’t help much.


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