On Seeing Sunrises

Have you ever been motivated to get up in time to see the sunrise? Maybe you had a great longing to feel the start of something new. Maybe you wanted to experience the chaos of your world reach a total calm. Maybe you’re in ‘Photography I’ and you have to go photograph the stupid “golden hour”, whatever that even really means.

Can you guess which one I am?

My phone begins beeping at the inopportune time of 6:30 am. It’s strangely warm in my dorm. Well, I guess strangely isn’t the right word. When you live in the second oldest dorm on campus, hot is the new normal. I was just hoping that maybe the early 60 degree air might creep into Baker West and bring some relief from the extreme heat. I was wrong. If anything it felt like it had gotten hotter inside as the temperature had cooled outside. And yet, not even the extreme warmth of my bed could convince me to go outside in the, not yet new, morning.

Forcing my eyes to open, I turn over in my bed and look at my roommate. I really hope my photography assignment hasn’t bothered her. After all, we’re only ten days into our newfound living arrangements, and I really need to not piss her off. I look for a second longer and she doesn’t seem to be awake. Good. That’s when I remember that I have to actually climb out of stupid lofted bed. Lofted beds: great for storage, but horrible for morning brain.

Straining my legs, I wait until I feel them planted on the metal poles that ladder rung themselves down to the floor. I slip in my socks, and for a second I think I’m going to become the first student to die of a loft bed related accident. I mean, why did I even wear socks to bed? My grip tightens, and I stabilize myself as I climb down the thin black bars.

My feet hit the ground and I feel tension in my achilles tendon. All this walking is really starting to be bad for my health. Or. Wait. I’m just out of shape. I sigh and start to silently move through my room to find the necessary components of morning readiness. I reach my hand for my toothbrush before considering the fact that I am just going to crawl back into bed as soon as I get my pictures. I put the toiletries down and focus on collecting the parts of my camera. I sling the bag on my shoulder, grab my keys, and lock the door behind me.

I walk down the stairs, through the lobby, and out into the open air of the South Oval. The air feels good against my skin and the fresh breeze makes even breathing easier. The green of the grass has a calming effect as I walk through the dew with lens in hand. The relative cold begins to perk me up, and I can’t help but have one thought: my head hurts.



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