Life is Beautawful

    It’s okay. Really. One of our favorite Youtubers, Mike Falzone, recently came out with new merch with the glorious phrase “Life is Beautawful” printed on them. I have many thoughts. Many. You know when you wake up and just know you’re going to have the longest day ever and you’re going to have … More Life is Beautawful

The Need to Write

I tried explaining the need to write to one of my mathematically gifted friends. It did not go well. The conversation went something like this. Her: Do you think Lin-Manuel Miranda will write another musical after the success of Hamilton? Me: Oh yeah. Definitely. Her: Why? He’s made more than enough money to live off … More The Need to Write

Little Things

As I sit in my favorite church, drinking my favorite coffee, and doing my favorite thing, I feel an overwhelming sense of belonging. Gazing through the antique windows of Old St George, I can’t help but notice the simply amazing thing we’ve created (Not taking credit for any of the hard work that this community … More Little Things

Patient X

Sidney’s exhaustion with personality tests reminds me of one of my favorite stories from high school. It was sophomore year, and I had my life planned out. I was going to Cedarville University to pursue a degree in Secondary English Education. After that I would join a small community high school and work my way … More Patient X

Quiz Me

Good morning, Yesterday I found myself bombarded with a multitude of personality tests, learning quizzes, and a whole slew of acronyms, which now escape me. These tests are essentially made to categorize my personality, analyze the way I learn, and provide me with tips on how I can study better, learn better, figure myself out. Perhaps … More Quiz Me

Signs of Innocence and Experience

In Poetry 2555 we’ve been talking about the duality of nature as it applies to the famous poetic volume Songs of Innocence and Experience by William Blake. Just as with the ecosystems Blake describes, there is a relationship between innocence and experience on every college campus.  Simple everyday habits reflect the relative innocence or inexperience … More Signs of Innocence and Experience