Expectations Versus Reality

Life is full of what-ifs. Most of the time they’ll get you nowhere. Fast.

But this week, I found a bit of clarity in my typical overflow of worldly questions.

In my experience, more often than not, your expectations are almost never your realities. It’s true. It’s a cliche. It’s boring at this point. We put conscious energy into not having expectations, just so the reality will sting a little less. Regardless of what you’re bracing yourself for, you are bound to get bit. That’s reality. Might as well make it the expectation.

On the flipside, though, many times we have complete control. So, why not make expectations your reality? Change things? Make expectations goals? It is possible. Anything is. You wouldn’t even have expectations if you didn’t have an example to model them after. Therefore, expectations equal possibilities. Why not find what empowers you and carpe diem the heck out of your realities until they become or even exceed your expectations?

Perhaps the first take is an example of pessimism, and the second optimism. Or perhaps these are works of politics, world views, cultures. Isn’t it crazy that one person could lay it all out there like that? What does that make me? A realist? An idealist? A psychopath?

No, it makes me a Journalist.

Exciting. Terrifying. I’m not ready. Oh well, here we go.


Wish me luck,



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