An Overdramatic Open Letter to College Pt. 2

Dear College,

You have consumed me from the time I first met you. I’ve always been a nerd. You know, the kind that actually enjoys school. I’ve loved learning the difference between noun and verb, sin and cosin, vascular and nonvascular. I’ve enjoyed my education more than I would care to admit. I’m in love with knowledge, and you by extent. I’ve always wished and dreamed of the day that you and I would be formally introduced. It’s hard to believe that day is just around the corner. Now I finally have you. I finally can see the glimpse of everything for which I worked and slaved.

I don’t know where I would be without you, College. You gave me something for which I should strive. You gave me a reason to push through all of my late night homework sessions and last minute panic. I have seen you as a way out for so long, but really you will be the way into everything I have been hoping for years. I will gain knowledge that will expand the way I think and see the world around me. I will gain new perspectives that will shift and bend all that I do. These ways of thinking will help me bring meaningful change to the world around me. I will succeed, and I will owe that success to you.

I want to be free to think and experience, and you will free me to pursuit new avenues. New friends and experiences will accompany my new knowledge. I will expand my circle in ways that I have never before had the option. I will make mistakes and memories with these people that will make me a better person. I will learn to love more widely and more deeply than I ever thought possible.

I don’t know what to do. I would say that it’s me, but College, it really is you. I wish I could take the credit for all the good that you are about to do. I’m so sad that one day this all will have to end, but until that day, I look forward to finally making your acquaintance. See you tomorrow!


Best Wishes,



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