Meet Wags

I’ve written more AP English essays at four am than I would care to admit. There’s something about the mix of stress and exhaustion that brings out my inner prose. Or maybe it’s just that my four am brain can’t sort the good from the bad. Regardless, a blog all about writing at four am is just up my alley.

That brings up the ever important question: what is my alley? I’m so glad you asked. I’m a self identified nerd and writer. I watch way too much Netflix and like mashed potatoes more than any sane human should. I am a top-level procrastinator who doesn’t know the meaning of the word schedule. I sleep too late and write too little. I am a mess in the best possible way.

I don’t come into this project thinking my writing is top-tier. Believe me, I still don’t know the difference between affect and effect. I just use impact. But I know the only way to improve is to power through all the crappy writing that I have to give. So congratulations, you get the honor of bearing witness to my struggle. I promise it will get better, or not. Thanks for sharing this journey with me, and as John Green oh so famously said, “I never liked writing concluding paragraphs to papers—where you just repeat what you’ve already said with phrases like ‘In summation’, and ‘To conclude’.”

Best wishes, Wags


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