Meet Sid

I wish writing was like anything else in life.

Really, anything else.

If it were like anything else, then maybe I could explain it. Just for a second I could conjure up an expression for this thing I love, and sometimes hate, so much. It has a hold on me that I can’t describe. Is it destiny? Fate? Of course not. It’s sheer, unadulterated bad luck that has blessed me with the ability to express myself through written words. Words that are many times impossible to find, but also hard to deny. Words that grip me, but won’t make their way out of my finger tips. I find my next words as I am typing out this sentence, but still they escape me as I got to- damn, I lost it. Do you get what I mean? Then you’re probably a writer too. Or maybe I’m a great one and that’s why you can understand me.

Two perspectives.

See what I did there? This is the wonderful art of rambling. You’ll probably see me doing it a lot. Writing is one of the few things in life that I can honestly say I have a good handle on. As for this college thing, I’m not so sure.

Almost 4 AM will be our safe haven, our source of connection as we go our separate ways to embark on our journeys to the unknown… to… college. But, most importantly, this blog will be a place where we can go to remind ourselves that we at least have one thing figured out- the beautifully frustrating world of creative writing.

As for viewers… if you know or like anything about the Wags/Sid dynamic duo, or are the kind of person who finds themselves at their creative peak in the wee hours of the morning, then you will find a home here. All will be welcome and sleep schedules will not be judged.

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