I messed up

Yeah I posted late. Here’s a crappy list poem to illustrate how creatively deprived I am at the moment. I’m sorry. But I’m also not.   Things I shouldn’t be doing before I do my homework (on the night it’s due): Writing a list poem. Eating mini muffins. Feeling sorry for myself. Binge watching. Staring … More I messed up

My Grate Fear

I’ve always had a fear of grates.   This odd phobia of mine was not often one I told others about. It’s an easy one to let slide under the radar. Slipping to the side of the sidewalk or playfully hopping over sewers or subway grates has become my tested and proven remedy and, for … More My Grate Fear

Meet Wags

I’ve written more AP English essays at four am than I would care to admit. There’s something about the mix of stress and exhaustion that brings out my inner prose. Or maybe it’s just that my four am brain can’t sort the good from the bad. Regardless, a blog all about writing at four am … More Meet Wags